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Against the crowd

Shilpa MirajkarLast Seen: Feb 17, 2024 @ 1:49pm 13FebUTC

17th February 2024 | 1 Views
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We live in a society where we are constantly put in lines with the ongoing way of living, a fixed pattern that we need to follow, that people followed from generations. Any movement against it is not considered as a wise decision.

But today, in this competitive world, all that defines you is what are you different from others. It is tough to take weird decisions in life but trust me, only your choice of unique decisions is going to make you appear different from the crowd. Either you go with the flow, stop questioning and follow everything that is told and be a people pleaser. Or you go against the flow, do what you love and feel the satisfaction within, which is what ultimately matters.

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Shilpa MirajkarLast Seen: Feb 17, 2024 @ 1:49pm 13FebUTC

Shilpa Mirajkar


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