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Decluttering science lab/house

Sukarma TharejaLast Seen: Apr 17, 2024 @ 6:00pm 18AprUTC
Sukarma Thareja

16th February 2024 | 10 Views
Milyin » 560213 » Decluttering science lab/house

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I teach science in government school. I teach chemistry in school. Teaching chemistry labs to secondary level students require lot of #vigilance on part of teacher and #support staff. Acid bottles (concentrated) are to wiped off very digilantely after each lab visit by students. If not done these bottles will spoil #working table of practical platform. 

Side cupboards for chemical used by students for salt analysis are to be refilled two times in semesters. #Chemistry store where glass apparatus and other less used chemicals are stored require Decluttering once  a semester. One has to maintain lab book which #chemicals are  about to be over. Stored bottles whose chemicals are over are to decluttered once a semester. Visual aid charts pasted in lab like periodic table are to be cleaned time to time. #Capillary tubes, burrets, pipette, pattery dishes, gas jars stored in lab, sometimes get broken therefore broken apparatus are to be decluttered time to time. That require lot of management and #time on part of teacher and support staff. 

Decluttering at home front also require lot of management. My two #cupboard are filled with chemistry  books, help books, practical books. Decluttering them I have to think twice as I feel I might need them. Many books,I give to needy #students. Then there are books of my children :story books, quiz books etc. I declutter them time to time. My clothes, my children clothes which I think their life is over. I put it in bag and give to my house help if she needs them. Then there are so many empty clean bottles in  kitchen store which are used for restoring other eatable. #Decluttering, newspaper empty containers require help from ₹₹scrab gentleman. 

This cycle of #cluttering science/home lab with required chemical /eatables and science/home lab apparatus and then decluttering them when their utility is over is #cyclic process and a ₹₹parallel process. 

Some times I hear  comments in day to day life that Science teachers/home makers are not helping students/children to required level. They can do better job. I feel I wish comment makers get chance to look at #load of school teachers and home makers. 

Sukarma TharejaLast Seen: Apr 17, 2024 @ 6:00pm 18AprUTC

Sukarma Thareja



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