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Micro Joys—-

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16th February 2024 | 10 Views
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I was student of physical chemistry. I distinctly remember in statistical thermodynamics course our  madam taught us that every system we study in statistical thermodynamics has macro states and each #macro state has #micro states. 

Today I at once got concept of #micro joy when suddenly I made coffee for myself in morning. I realized there are so many #micro joys I do experience in my life. Some of them I am listing below for my #esteem readers. 1.changing my daily routine example insted of making bread butter breakfast I cooked mini idly. 2.looking into mirror and appreciating changes  in my expressions. 3.making video of my special cooked products. 4.On weekends taking kids to park etc. 5.sending good healthy jokes to my loved ones. 

Giving importance to micro joys gives one #longevity. This is because there is nerve #vague in our system.It is correlated with our #autopilot system like heart beating, process of digestion etc. Some how one must keep this #nerve active. Simplest way to do is to always appreciate #micro joys in one’s life. 

Moral- experiencing micro joys in one’s life is easier #exercise. One should also express gratitude for same. #Micro joys brings longevity in life. 

Sukarma TharejaOnline

Sukarma Thareja


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