Oasis of Reflections

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Wes Baltzell

15th February 2024 | 2 Views
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Amidst the desert’s hush, where whispers gently fade,
Nature unveils secrets in the sunlit cascade.
No memories lost in the arid domain,
Just reflections dancing, a mystical terrain.

In the shimmering heat, where the sun does play,
Cacti stand tall, sharing wisdom each day.
No forgotten identities to tame,
Just resilient spirits, in the desert’s frame.

Beneath the vast sky, a canvas so grand,
Footprints tell stories, etched in the sand.
No names erased in this expansive game,
Just echoes of journeys, a timeless claim.

Through dunes that shift in the winds’ gentle song,
The heart finds solace, where shadows belong.
No names abandoned in the desert’s flame,
Just the soul’s compass, an eternal aim.

In the quiet expanse, where mirages gleam,
Visions unfold, like an elusive dream.
No identities lost in the desert’s fame,
Just self-discovery, an introspective flame.

So here’s to the desert, where names may wane,
Yet, in the vast emptiness, spirits regain.
No fading echoes in this poetic frame,
Just a journey of souls, a vibrant, timeless game.

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