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Always think of the effect from what you going to say.

People don’t remember what you said but they remember how you made them feel with what you said or the way you acted on them.

The major factor is to master persuasion at all times in that you affect either directly or indirectly to those whom you are talking to.

Have ever heard someone saying that when I heard a speech from this guy,I didn’t remain the same.It is because of the way it attached them intrinsically.

A lot of leaders use their Monopoly of command to shout and seriously lose emotions because of what happened.

It is better to cajole than yelling because logical people will not respect you even if you are the leader.A lot of people get disconnected from thinking on what they are saying because of the supremacy that they have and they just undermine everyone.

Am very sure you have ever heard stories where people asking themselves what has been spoken about in the meeting yet they were there.It is because the speaker didn’t engage them mentally in his speech.

When you take time to think about what you are saying,how you might be affected with what you are saying if someone else was telling it to you and what are the likely questions to be asked from your speech, you will consciously speak respectfully to your audience.

Learn to be precise 

It is very good not to rumble as long as you are clear with the audience.Try to entice what you are saying with some persuading questions.

Remember that people are reading your gestures and attire in that they indirectly bargain your confidence.When they realize that you are not  confident,this might limit their digestion of what you are saying.

At the end of your speech,ask some questions and if you don’t get asked, just know that their understanding of what you have said is compromised.

Allow people to ask questions 

When they ask questions and you don’t have answers,feel free to say that you will get back to them.It shows maturity and respect that you have to yourself and to them.

Every feedback that you get, keep it because it is very important and it can create a big picture to you on how you are categorized in the public.

ABDURAHMAN KAJUMBALast Seen: Apr 9, 2024 @ 1:18pm 13AprUTC




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