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thank you facebook

14th February 2024 | 2 Views

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 thank you facebook




Recent days, facebook has proved itself as a very productive, praiseworthy and notable invention of the human mind in modern technology. It has narrowed the globe attracting incalculable mass. The number of its fans and members is towering each second. This proves its mounting craze and popularity among people of diverse corners of the earth despite of their cast, race, religion, nationality etc. One can share her/his views, experience, acquaintance and feelings with others. With the facility of making friends from any part of the world, it has developed global unity and integration, peace and concord and moreover, universal fraternity.


Not only this, it has eased to meet up quite a lot of unfamiliar public, making them dear and near. Some youths have even met their apposite life partners. The most remarkable input of face book is to find out the lost family members, relatives and friends that had been missing because of calamities, political events and due to several states of affairs. Such incidents are common these days. People have found their ways back home. 


I’ve also met and found scores of friends, relatives and well-wishers both familiar and fresh. There is a saying- ‘Time goes so fast, life demands so much, friends get out of touch but in heart, deep, unseen friendship remains forever making each day worth living.’ Of course, the past memoirs concealed in some corners of souls are refreshed. While I met my college mate Goma (Nepal), my joy had no bound that day. Coincidentally, she had come to Kathmandu and we met each other after twenty years. She was the pal who had been residing somewhere vast, inside unnoticed. While I met my school friend Seeta (Adhikari) after a long search as she was not available by her name, my whole body and soul were delighted. She was my classmate in grade five whom I used to bear in mind repeatedly. She used to annoy me a lot, sometimes by hiding my books and sometimes keeping the barks and seeds of fruits on my books and desk. After a while she used to appear with a whitish row of her teeth. What an amusing pal she was! She is very glad to join me. I’m exclusively grateful to facebook for this great reward- THANK YOU FACEBOOK!


There are some negative aspects of facebook as well such as hacking the id of others, blackmailing friends by posting unsuitable posts and information, wasting time in unnecessary chatting etc. So, all facebook users! be aware of such awful incidents that may invite unwanted plight in your life. Do honor this gift of science as well as the self- esteem of others. Please do not prove this boon a curse and nuisance in the life of your relatives, friends and well- wishers and don’t ruin your own existence. Believe in making, not in breaking as breaking always ends with a bitter and painful outcome.


                                                                                                                          Durga Banwasi


Durga Shiwakoti



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