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Love’s Melody

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12th February 2024 | 3 Views
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In a realm where hearts entwine, a tale unfolds,
A tapestry woven with threads of silver and gold.
Not just a story, but a symphony so sweet,
Let’s plunge into where love and laughter meet.

Amid life’s clamor, in the daily parade,
Love strolls casually, no accolades to evade.
No grand gestures needed, just moments so small,
Love whispers softly, captivating one and all.

Through storms and sunlit days, love prevails,
A ship on the ocean, catching gentle gales.
No maps required, just stars as our guide,
In love’s vast ocean, joyously, we glide.

In the rhythm of laughter, a language so pure,
Love’s dialect, enduring and sure.
No translations necessary, just smiles so bright,
In love’s warm embrace, everything feels right.

Like a comet’s trail, love leaves its mark,
In the cosmic dance, an eternal spark.
No rehearsals needed, just steps so free,
In love’s waltz, a dance for you and me.

So, here’s to us, in this love-filled spree,
A journey unique, just you and me.
No scripts required, let our hearts convene,
In this love story, forever serene.

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