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Radiant Reverie: A Celestial Ode

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10th February 2024 | 8 Views
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In a realm where stars twinkle and dreams catch fire,
Your gentle glow, a beacon, a cosmic pyre.
More than a mere twinkle, your radiance takes flight,
I’ve never seen you illuminate the night.

Within life’s rush, the daily chase,
You shimmer, leaving behind a trace of grace.
No need for fireworks or blinding light,
I’ve never witnessed such a brilliant sight.

Through storms and shadows, you endure,
A glow unyielding, a resilience pure.
A dance with the cosmos, a celestial sprite,
I’ve never seen a shine so bright.

In life’s fabric, a thread so bright,
Your glow persists, softly alight.
No need for the spotlight’s intrusive might,
I’ve never seen such a gentle, radiant light.

So, here’s a toast to you, a stellar luminary,
In this vast cosmos, your journey extraordinary.
A beacon of hope, even in the darkest night,
I’ve never seen you radiate such bright light.

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