Chemistry Leading its Life

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Sukarma Thareja

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I was teaching  chemistry to my class in chemistry lab. I got a knock at my chemistry lab door. Very pleasant angel like figure came to me and asked “where is chemistry madam”.I said ” I do not know please let me teach. That angel like figure said” I am asking you  this, madam, as I hear that chemistry has taken leave today.I know chemistry very closely she never takes leave. There must be some urgent work for her to do ,thats why she must have taken leave. I said to angel”Please don’t knock at this time on my lab door. I have to finish my class”.

Angel searched hard for chemistry. Angel noticed chemistry   was concerned about health of sick student of university. So she was monitoring anti biotics taken by sick students in university health center. Chemistry was asking health center staff about life saving drugs also. 

Angel also found chemistry chatting with university team who make policies for well fare of students. 

Angel was happy to find how happy was chemistry to put good balanced food in students plate. 

 Angel also talked to chemistry and found Chemistry is very proud of her discovery of synthesis of fertilizer ammonium nitrate which made food possible for every child in world.She felt happy that #UNESCO and world appreciates her(chemistry) for being generous –brilliantly.   

Angel found chemistry visiting old age home of university. She was distributing synthetic polymer beautiful dresses very happily to needed people her dear ones.

Chemistry said to angel “she is very grateful to university administration for giving funding to teachers so that they could do high level research in my (chemistry)deep rooted nature. “

 Chemistry said further”she feels blessed that how  her humble bonding  with university trust for decades-centuries has helped in her personal growth . In world class universities, museums, high-tech parks, hospitals,she feels very humbled when people thank her for giving helping hand in operation theater and class room and research Lab  and entertainment theatres, class rooms, defence and research labs. 

Angel briefed me and said”madam Chemistry is visiting so many places, every moment echoes of blessing for her  (chemistry )are ringing wide.  Every one has praise for blessing of discoveries of chemistry with gratitude at heart.It may seem Chemistry is on leave today, but for a purpose—“

Angel suddenly disappeared, it was time for me to get up. My heart was filled with joy. I only wished alas I could have talked to angel for longer time

Dr Mrs Sukarma Rani Thareja

Alumnus IIT-K-1986



Sukarma TharejaLast Seen: Apr 23, 2024 @ 1:44pm 13AprUTC

Sukarma Thareja




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