Reaching For The Heavens

Reaching for the Heavens

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Wes Baltzell

9th February 2024 | 2 Views
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In a realm where dreams ascend,
A journey starts, bathed in light to mend.
No mighty eagles or cosmic wings,
Just folks with extraordinary flings.

Under the vast canvas of endless blue,
Where ambitions bloom and emotions brew.
Not only for highfliers, but everyone,
Craving to touch the sky, fly, and have fun.

Amid life’s hustle, in the daily grind,
The sky’s allure is never far behind.
From bustling streets to the office core,
Whispers of heavens, a love we adore.

A child’s laughter, a colleague’s cheer,
Gazing skyward, making thoughts clear.
Not a realm far and unimaginably high,
The sky’s within, in every heartfelt sigh.

No rockets needed, no cosmic gear,
To touch the sky, draw close, come near.
In every venture, be it large or small,
The sky’s the limit, hear its call.

So, let’s waltz in the moonlight’s gleam,
Chase stars, let our spirits beam.
In this dance with the great unknown,
We find the sky is where we’ve flown.

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