Equation of Ram Ram Chant


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It is a spiritual belief that chanting name of Lord Ram help every one in evey circumstances in life. 

But there is deep meaning in chant of name Ram. By chanting Ram Ram one can go daily to temple. But that is not enough, having spiritual dialogue with Ram is must which makes one’s soul nobel. 

Chanting of Ram means make your soul pure like Ram and never give up devotional service as Lord Ram did to people of Ayodhya. 

Chanting Ram means remaining in one’s limit  of culture and finance etc. 

Chanting Ram means in world of materialistic things remaining  detached  and believing in sacrifice for others. 

Chanting Ram is no indulgence in politics of any issue. In world of so many dreadful activities remaining calm like Saint Buddha. 

Every one believes we are part of Ram, them one must follow all commands written above shown by Lord Ram. 

If that is so as mentioned above ,it means one is contributing toward building Ram Rajya. That means fair treatment to each person of state if one is poor, rich, downtrodden, needy, emotionally unstable, learned or not knowing any world wisdom

If I put in mathematics language it means if one tries to solve so many variable by one wonderful equation that equation is  canting Ram Ram—

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