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End of the day

Bino BinoLast Seen: Feb 9, 2024 @ 1:07pm 13FebUTC
Bino Bino

7th February 2024 | 2 Views
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The day beam of sunlight in the delightful morning. Gentle breeze form the window wake me up like my mother with his warm hand .The light travel through the cells in my eyes. I opened my eyes like a new born baby.The pre-plans where run in my mind .But the plans making me stress but the delightful morning shower gives relief like mother.The day was nice by my nature mother

The travel begins.The world of human make me Stress and make me depressed.There is a wide race of species where live in earth.They only need only the nature give.But the *human is only person who run after what human make*.

Then end of society life and it’s take a deep breath to relax.The way to home remembering the memories which some gives smile and some gives pain .

In the home the breeze of liberation got me and with in few hours the day will end .

  There is a circle of life in human. Those who get out from the circle are again put in the circle prison by the society 

Bino BinoLast Seen: Feb 9, 2024 @ 1:07pm 13FebUTC

Bino Bino



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