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20221206 153853 0000Make procrastination your enemy!

Avoid it.

It is like a seductive woman, slowly charming and preventing one from giving utmost attention to important things that will help move your life forward.

It keeps you in a state of postponement.

I will do it, you keep on saying.

It gives you assurance with no results.

It keeps you rooted to one spot.

Procrastinating holds you to a state of hopelessness and massive excuses.

Procrastination is dangerous. It never makes you conscious of time till it becomes too late!

With procrastination as a partner, you never become a successful person.

Procrastination is a disease and should be avoided.

Do you want to be successful in everything you wish for? Divorce Procrastination! Do away with it!

Grow that hunger for what you want to achieve. Act and move to the next level.

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