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How to know a good friend

6th February 2024 | 2 Views

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Let’s start by knowing who is a friend, It’s a person or someone who has a mutual affection for a person, he or she knows you for you, they know when you are angry, sad and happy that’s who a friend is.

Now let’s find out who a good friend is,

A good friend is someone who is very loyal to you in thick and tin in order words in good times and in bad times, they are always there to tell you the right thing to do when you are on a wrong page and clap for you or in order words celebrate with when you do, many people want people that tell them what they want to hear around them but they forget those maybe backstabbers.

Now how do we know this good friends 

They are always there no matter what the cause maybe, they are people you can share your pain with, they are trust worthy, they tell you the truth even if you don’t like it, they celebrate your success with good heart, they take tough decision just for you because they care that is who a good friend is. 

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