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Her Story

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She didn’t knows things would go haywire when she first met him.

 He was sweet. People didn’t notice much of him, a loner. She first met him in the computer class. She just joined the school and only had one friend, that was Telly. The teacher changed their seating in that class and he sat with her. They just introduced themselves and that was it.

She forgot about him and he too did. 

But no one know that he had fallen in love with her best friend Telly. 

The Story

Hailey don’t remember how or when she became friends with Krish. But they started texting first just simple ‘What are u doing’ , ‘ Have u eaten’ . Then they talked about their interests and they had a lot in common. Same music taste and they both watched anime and series and movies and it was all well. Even though in real life they were not close they texted and updated each other. 

SreeLast Seen: Feb 4, 2024 @ 11:17am 11FebUTC




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