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How beautiful minds are constructed from simple words proceeding out of the mouth of an instructor, a teacher, an educator, or a facilitator? The pace of a child’s learning, the accuracy, speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of a child’s learning is dependent on that instructor. The life of that child depends on that one instructor; making, shaping, forming, molding, correcting, and reforming the innocent soul into a model for the future. A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart. And one child, one teacher, one pen, can change the world according to Malala Yousafzai.

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As you and I grow in life, we can’t but bring to mind and wonder, which creative and ingenious hands moulded us into who we are today. 
Teachers are more than teachers!
Teachers are mentors, therapists, motivators, and counsellors;  the great life coach on our sides who are always there for each of us. Your challenges, problems, cries, sorrows, joy, success, and achievements are ever welcome. 
Teachers, teachers, teachers are ever ready to soothe and empathise. Ever willing to guide you to the best you can be!

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We as students know the essentiality of humour and entertainment, and how it’s the magic potion that spurs us to learn and leaves our heads thirsty yearning to know more. Well, teachers are the potion givers. Teachers are entertainers, comedians, singers, and clowns. 

Teach 4

I recall a felicitous conversation, I had with a bona fide teacher. He asked me,
“What do you think are the roles of a teacher?” 
I replied:
“The usuals, to teach, illuminate, discipline and train.”
Intrigued, he probed further:
“Have you ever thought of teachers as policemen?
Between chuckles, I remarked,
“Policemen, not in my wildest thought.”
“You know the Restless climbers, the hot-tempered heads, can easily get out of control, and it’s our job to keep them under, to police them.”

Those were his last words. Direct and apt.
Teachers are parents, guardians, doctors, nurses, politicians, even police officers!

Teach 5



Have you ever wondered why teachers are always present in the dining hall?

Teachers are care-takers, assuring and ensuring, you and I are fed adequately, utilising every eating etiquette.

Similarly, teachers are photographers, watching us shoot and develop, storing the images in their heads awaiting the day of our graduation, to finally snap. 

Now is the time to rise and applaud our educational angels who protect our educational treasure.


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