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How to Consistently Write At Least 1 Article Each Day

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Writing every day and coming up with new fresh ideas can be challenging. I have shared a few useful tips that will help you write every day consistently.

What Should I Write About

The best thing to write about is whatever is currently going on in your life and share your personal experience.

May it be the problems you are facing or any new topic or question which raised your curiosity. Studying the topic or finding answers to the questions that arise in you and answering them through your article is the best way to never run out of content or ideas to write.

You can also read the news, watch the latest trends on social media or hop onto Google Trends. Learn and write about the topics that interest you.

An additional bonus is that you get to learn a new thing every day. All your learnings are well documented. These learnings will soon compound within a year. You will be astounded by how much you have learnt by simply trying to learn a new thing each day and writing about it.

Say NO to Perfectionism

It is very tempting and normal to desire to craft a masterpiece on the very first first attempt which will be read by millions.

But focusing on making it perfect only drains you and makes you hate writing.

The best approach is to focus on finding a solution to the question or simply summarizing and crafting the article that will answer the question or provide insights about the topic. 

Even if it is not read by millions at least you have learnt something new and you have your article online which you can always look back at and feel proud about yourself.

Conduct Research

Whatever topic interests you or the question you have formed, start researching them.

Search about it online and read the first 10 articles that show up in Google search, followed by watching the first 10 videos that pop up on YouTube related to your question or topic of interest.

Before solving a problem it’s always best to understand how much work is already done and what additional insights can be added from your end.

Use the Latest AI Technology

The latest AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard have taken article writing by storm. Why miss out on the latest technology? It’s best to use these tools to quickly form an outline or brainstorm and discuss further about your understanding which will help you form a structure and get more clarity on your article. These tools help you get out of writer’s block in an instant.

Write, Just Write

Once you have gathered enough information, just start writing, jot down all the important points you discovered and don’t forget to add your personal experiences, suggestions and examples which enhance the article immensely.

Don’t worry about grammar or structure these can taken care of in the end, let your thoughts flow and write down anything and everything you want to share with your readers.

Best Time To Write

It depends on your preference and lifestyle. I like to start my day by learning and writing about it. This ensures that I start my day by learning something new, writing down my learnings and sharing them with the world.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up If Missed A Day

It’s perfectly fine to miss a day or two but don’t beat yourself up for missing a day because life gets busy and can be unpredictable sometimes. Also, we are all humans. It’s normal to get lazy from time to time.

Publish Your Work

Publishing your work on your blog, or online platforms like Milyin, Medium or any other platform you are comfortable with. This will allow all the world to read your amazing article.

No matter how imperfect or whacky your work looks, you will eventually get better but you will never know how it is received by others until you don’t share it with them.

Flaunt your work proudly and receive feedback.

Keep striving to improve. Eventually, you will write better than the best.

Interact With Your Audience

If you publish your work on sites like Milyin or Medium you get the chance to read comments and reply to your audience which is a great way to build community and these interactions often raise new insights and discussions which eventually lead to more new ideas for future articles.

If you enjoyed reading this article please do leave a comment below and share your opinions.

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HarshaLast Seen: Apr 5, 2024 @ 6:50am 6AprUTC




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