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Incorrect Perceptions

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Life turns out to be an opaque mirror

bearing more than one unique faces,

the number does vary along with time

with the change of different phases.

But the state of vision of various observations,

always dominate the hold of, 

incorrect perceptions.

We get approved towards lie, without acknowledging the essence of reality,

and often fail to judge the situation, rather we move on towards the personality.

“He looks evil! Maybe, he is the one to be blamed,” we suppose,

and move an incorrect piece of wisdom, 

which in turn leads to regression,

without any oppose.

Over and over, we make errors of

virtual interpretations,

and often generate a sense of incorrect perceptions.

The existence of one’s liability towards situations

depend upon one’s own direction of approach,

which at personal level, should never be encouraged to encroach.

Because, it is when, we become able to view things from an unlike perspective or administration,

we gain the immense power of eliminating,

incorrect perceptions…

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