Skies Of Weathered Blue

Whispers of Nostalgia: A Journey on Old Country Roads

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Wes Baltzell

29th January 2024 | 21 Views
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Under skies of weathered blue, the sun takes its chance,
Winding through lanes of yesteryear, old roads enhance.
Meadows whisper tales, where wildflowers gently sway,
A journey unfolds, nostalgic in a leisurely array.

Patched asphalt with stories untold, a quilt of days gone by,
Rusted signs, creaking fences, share a weathered sigh.
The hum of engines, a rustic symphony sweet,
Navigating life’s bends, on these roads, our retreat.

Wooden barns, faded tales etched in the grain,
Hitching posts standing firm, relics from a bygone reign.
Rolling hills, pages turned, nature’s ancient ode,
A narrative of resilience, where time’s essence is stowed.

In the rearview mirror, reflections of moments passé,
Forward we go, down the meandering path, come what may.
Cowboy dreams, simpler scenes, where hearts find repose,
Old country roads, each mile a cherished prose.

So let’s journey, you and I, where past and present collide,
Gravel whispers secrets, nostalgia becomes our guide.
In the quiet of these roads, let’s find stories yet untold,
On old country roads, where time’s true value unfolds.

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