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9 Best Online Personal Data Removal Services in 2024


28th April 2024 | 4 Views

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Have you ever received a message from spammers pretending to be a bank employee? Or have you ever received a call asking for a ransom to aid your family member who just met with an accident? It is more common than you think. An overwhelming portion of the population falls into this trap. So, how to be safe?

Well, I have had similar experiences with family members having money stolen and being heartbroken after hearing a lie about an accident involving their knowns. They use your personal information to plan an attack on you. Best data recovery services help remove personal information online, saving you from such attacks,

The best personal data recovery services include DeleteMe, Incogni, Kanary, OneRep, Optery, etc. These services communicate on your behalf, force data brokers to delete your data, maintain privacy, and help avoid future personal data leaks.

Best Data Removal Services

Data Removal ServiceCoverageEase of UsePricing (Per Year, Per Person)Link
OpteryExcellentGreat$39, $149, $249 *Optery

My Recommendation

DeleteMe is an ideal choice in terms of data broker coverage, robust removal policies, quick response from support staff, and expert guidance to protect your privacy.

1) DeleteMe

DeleteMe is the best hands-free, subscription-based personal data removal service, offering a distinctive approach to online privacy. Positioned as a guardian for your digital identity, this data removal service specializes in comprehensive data removal.

The personal data removal service can opt-out requests to over 750 popular data broker sites to request data deletion. A noteworthy feature is the dedicated support from privacy experts. They provide users with assistance and guidance throughout the data removal journey. 

Screenshot 2024 02 19 At 10.34.53 pm


  • Business: Businesses can provide their workforce with their subscription to better protect their privacy and avoid critical data leaks.
  • Search Parameters: It searches for your data leaks based on various parameters such as photos, name, email, address, social media, and relatives.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: All DeleteMe plans include a 100% satisfaction guarantee, along with A+ BBB-rated trusted service.
  • Friendly UI: This data-removing site assists and guides individuals through erasing personal information online. 
  • Customer Support: A chat option is available on their website 24/7, which helps answer doubts and queries. 
Insightful and visual reports showing the number of records reviewed and summaries.This personal data removal service is available only to U.S. residents.
Custom removals can be requested. 
Input family member details to get their data removed as well. 


Plan Name *1 Year2 Year
👍Individual$129 billed annually ($10.75 per month)$209 billed every 2 years ($8.71 per month)
Couple$229 billed annually ($19.08 per month)$349 billed every 2 years ($14.54 per month)
Family$329 billed annually ($27.42 per month)$499 billed every 2 years ($20.79 per month)

* Additional enterprise-grade pricing options are also available.

Free Trial: 1 Free Scan | 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

2) Incogni

Incogni is best for elevating user anonymity in the digital realm. Notably, this personal data-removal service prioritizes anonymization, along with data removal, and it also strips away identifiable markers from user data. It adds an extra layer of security, rendering data meaningless without critical identifiers.

The service also offers extensive customization options, allowing users to tailor their privacy preferences according to their specific needs. I consider this one of the best data removal services due to a continuous protection model that includes real-time alerts. 

Screenshot 2024 02 19 At 10.47.58 pm


  • Education: Incogni not only helps with personal data removal but also educates its customers with blog posts, newsletters, guides, and social media.
  • Statistics: A simple dashboard provides helpful stats, such as number of requests sent and completed.
  • Warnings: This warns users about potential privacy threats, offering them a proactive stance in safeguarding their digital presence. 
  • Automated process: This personal data removal service handles all personal data removal requests from start to finish without any intervention from the user.
  • Wide Coverage: The personal data-removal service is available in many places, such as the USA, Canada, the UK, the Isle of Man, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and the European Union.
It’s backed by Surfshark and Nord Security, indicating cybersecurity experience.This personal data removal service provides neither family plans nor business plans.
No intervention is required from the user! 
The User-friendly interface of this data removal service’s site makes the process stress-free. 


Plan NameCost *
👍Annual Plan$77.88 per year
Monthly Plan$12.98 per month

* VAT/Sales Tax Applicable | Discounts available for certain types of customers, such as students.

Free Trial: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

3) Kanary

Kanary is best for identifying and removing connections to data brokers. It significantly reduces the risks associated with the buying and selling personal information. This ideal personal data removal service covers a spectrum of online platforms, including search engines and public records. 

An intuitive dashboard shows completed removals, pending requests, historical progress, and more, informing users about potential threats. The personal data removal service ensures users receive timely alerts about privacy risks. 

Screenshot 2024 03 29 At 4.32.08 pm


  • Privacy Education: The service empowers users to make informed decisions about their online presence with an ever-growing list of blogs.
  • Monthly Progress ReportEvery month, a progress report is mailed (and also found on the personalized dashboard), including recommendations on preventative action, like updating privacy settings and resetting passwords.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Their real-time alerts are driven by a continuous monitoring feature, which allows users to take immediate action and protect their information. 
  • Business: Businesses can provide their workforce with their subscription to better protect their privacy and avoid critical data leaks.
  • Transparent Service: Every step of the way, you will know what’s happening with the personal data removal process. Kanary’s team is prompt and very approachable.
Multiple profiles are supported, and your family members’ data can be removed too!This personal data removal service is available only to U.S. residents.
Kanary stores your data in secure, encrypted, and access-restricted servers. 
A free-tier plan with basic scans (no payment details required) is available. 


Plan Name *Cost for an individual accountCost to add a family member
👍Premium Yearly$179.88 billed annually ($14.99 per month)$7.49 per month
Premium Monthly$16.99 per month, billed monthly$8.49 per month

* Additional enterprise-grade pricing options are also available.

Free Trial: 14-Day Free Trial | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

4) Onerep

Onerep is best for protecting you against digital exposure by automating the process of removing personal information. This simplifies consistent removal across various search engines and data broker sites, providing users with an effortless approach to maintaining their privacy.

I love their straightforward, user-friendly interface ideal for managing your personal data removal services needs. Positive reviews in places like Reddit further underscore their service’s effectiveness in safeguarding online privacy, making it a reliable choice for data removal solutions.

Screenshot 2024 03 29 At 4.32.36 pm


  • AI-Powered: This data removal service moves with the times and uses AI-assisted personal data removal to maximize efficiency and success rates against AI-powered data brokers by personalizing opt-out requests for each data broker. 
  • Continuous Monitoring: The personal data removal service keeps users informed about potential privacy threats using real-time alerts, allowing users to take immediate action to protect their data.
  • Beginner-Friendly: This is one of the best personal data recovery services designed to be accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.
  • Tracking Removals: Many detailed statistics are presented concisely using an intuitive dashboard and a monthly report.
  • API: An API is also provided by this personal data removal service, which can be integrated easily and quickly into apps to provide customer data-removing functionality.
Unlimited phone numbers, addresses, and aliases are covered.People-search sites that are covered for data removal are less than its competitors.
The personal data removal service provides 24/7 email support. 
Highly affordable family plans (covering 6 family members) are available! 


Plan Name *MonthlyAnnually
Protect yourself$14.95 per month$8.33 per month
👍Protect your family (6 members)$27.95 per month$15 per month

* Additional business account/not-for-profit entity/Onerep API pricing options are also available.

Free Trial: 5-Day Free Trial | Refunds Available (except first month/after six months)

5) Optery

Optery is regarded as a robust personal data removal service serving as a beacon for users seeking a solution to digital privacy. The personal data removal service uses a patented search technology that works better as you enter more personal information.

I loved their appreciate the outstanding customer support, which is active and helpful in answering any queries during your data removal journey. This personal data remover focuses on an innovative approach to anonymization and empowers users to regain control over their online presence.

Screenshot 2024 03 29 At 4.33.29 pm


  • Active Blogs: One of the features that add to the highly regarded transparency of this personal data removal service is the blogging community. For example, some blogs directly compare Optery with other popular personal data removal services.
  • Free-Tier: The free ‘basic’ plan provides a personalized ‘Exposure Report’ in just a few hours. It keeps checking periodically for new and remaining mentions of your data. It also provides self-service opt-out tools and guides.
  • Security: It offers multi-factor authentication, which keeps your account and personal information secure. 
  • Live Screenshots: The Live Screenshots feature is a unique way of letting the user know that their data has been removed from a site. It shows screenshots of where your data was found and after it was removed.
  • Support: The personal data removal service’s detailed FAQs and guides hold the user’s hand, helping them find their way through the intricate process of safeguarding their digital footprint effortlessly.
  • Dedicated Agent: The Extended and Ultimate plans involve assigning a privacy agent dedicated to dealing with special situations for you.
Discounts are available for veterans, abuse survivors, educators, and more!Accuracy isn’t the best; sometimes removes the information of some other person.
The Ultimate plan theoretically gives unlimited data broker coverage. 
You can check for unlimited name variations (for the same person), past cities, and states. 


Plan Name *MonthlyYearly
👍Core$3.99 per month$39 billed annually ($3.25 per month)
Extended$14.99 per month$149 billed annually ($12.42 per month)
Ultimate$24.99 per month$249 billed annually ($20.70 per month)

* Plans for businesses can be discussed via a direct call with Optery’s team.

Free Trial: One of the best free plans, along with a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee, should you choose to upgrade to a paid plan.

6) Privacy Bee

Privacy Bee is one of the best services for minimizing digital footprints and providing personalized privacy plans. Therefore, users can choose which sites can and can not have their data. The personal data removal service has a dedicated team that thoroughly removes personal data. 

In my experience, the friendly interface and continuous monitoring, informing them about potential privacy threats, were exceptionally well-built. This personal data removal service commits to ghosting the user, makeing it a versatile and reliable choice for people looking for privacy.

Screenshot 2024 03 29 At 4.33.02 pm


  • Detailed Dashboard: One of the best parts of this personal data removal service is its intuitive dashboard that provides a lot of information about your data removal journey, including activity reports of each data broker contacted.
  • Coverage: They cover more than 440 online platforms, which include public records and data broker sites. All these services are reached for all customers, and actions are taken for data removal.
  • Privacy Browser Extension: A convenient Privacy Bee extension on your browser allows you to configure your privacy preferences regarding a website, which lets you easily adjust settings, like whether the website should be trusted with your data.
  • Marketing List Removal: This personal data removal service can remove your data from the databases of many marketing departments worldwide, leading to fewer spam emails and telemarketing calls.
  • Business: Businesses can provide their workforce with their subscription to better protect their privacy and avoid critical data leaks.
Multi-factor authentication keeps your account and information secure.Users have to pay the whole year upfront, which makes it quite expensive.
Best coverage out of all fully automated personal data removal services. 
Family accounts are easily managed with individual or centralized dashboards. 

Pricing: $197 billed annually ($0.54 per day) *

* Plans for businesses can be discussed via email or a direct call with Privacy Bee’s team.

Free Trial: No free trial, but a privacy evaluation is free.

7) SayMine

SayMine offers a novel approach to safeguarding online privacy by simplifying the complex task of identifying which companies have your data. It ensures existing data with firms you now don’t use is removed. Most firms have challenging UI to ask for deletion; they do the job for you.

I particularly enjoyed how a reconstruction of my digital footprint is presented after data deletion, along with a risk assessment and recommended actions. If you permit it, the data removal service will help send an opt-out mail on your behalf via your account. This lets you control which organizations can have your data and which can’t.

Screenshot 2024 03 29 At 4.33.55 pm


  • MineOS: This is an AI-enabled data-governance platform and a highly-rated privacy management service for organizations. It has many benefits, such as automated DSR handling,  inventory discovery, and more.
  • AI: By letting its non-intrusive proprietary AI access your email inbox, this personal data removal service finds traces of companies that have interacted with you. It does so by examining subject lines and metadata.
  • Real-Time Updates: continuous monitoring and real-time alerts, empowering users with proactive protection against potential privacy threats
  • Customer Support: The support team of this personal data removal service is extremely active and comes to your aid whenever you need it.
  • Friendly UI: The personal data removal service adopts an intuitive user interface. Users appreciate its simplicity, which makes reclaiming control over personal information both effective and user-friendly.
Extremely transparent about its already minimal data collection.No clarity regarding pricing plans, linked email addresses, upgrading tiers, and more.
Constantly updating towards a more secure platform with help from experts and audits. 
Helps in reducing spam and junk mail from your inbox by opting out. 

Pricing: When writing this, services are free of charge! *

* An additional enterprise-level product (MineOS) is available. Demos can be booked by reaching out on their website.

Free Trial: All services are free of charge.

8) DataGrail

DataGrail is the best multifaceted platform designed to streamline the intricate process of removing personal information from various online sources, mainly for businesses. This personal data removal service provides users a centralized hub to manage and reclaim personal data. 

With a commitment to continuous monitoring, the personal data removal service aims to keep users informed about potential threats, offering a shield against the continuously evolving landscape of online privacy concerns. 

Screenshot 2024 03 29 At 4.34.20 pm


  • Scalable Solutions: This data removal service offers flexibility, making it suitable for broad businesses with large target human resources with different concerns regarding their privacy.
  • Products and Integrations: Many integrations with other services (such as Adobe and Shopify, among thousands of others) are available, making this data removal service easy to implement.
  • Data Maps: It employs live data maps and risk monitors to ensure a thorough removal, preventing breaches.
  • Privacy: These days, data security is paramount, and this reliable data removal service fosters a sense of control and confidence in users seeking to reclaim their digital privacy.
  • Request Manager: The personal data removal service is capable of automating DSARs (Data Subject Access Requests) while requiring less manpower and less time.
Friendly UI makes for easy navigation through the complexities of digital privacy.Not at all suitable for individual use, as it’s optimized for businesses only.
Allows organizations to spend fewer resources on keeping up with data privacy. 
Companies using this data privacy service can build trust with their customers. 

Pricing: Contact customer support for pricing.

Free Trial: None

9) EasyOptOuts

EasyOptOuts is the best hassle-free solution to reclaim personal data, completely automating and removing personal information from various online platforms. This personal data removal service is considered transparent, ensuring users have clear insights into the removal status and any potential privacy threats.

With a commitment to making data removal accessible to everyone, the service stands out for its competitive pricing. Whether eliminating unwanted subscriptions or minimizing data exposure, this personal data removal service takes a user-centric approach and fosters a sense of control over your data.

Screenshot 2024 03 29 At 4.34.39 pm


  • Comprehensive Removal: This personal data-removal service searches all combinations of your data, which can remove your data from sites with private databases that are not even searchable.
  • Straightforward Procedure: This personal data removal service allows you to sign up and share a few details. After that, just let the service opt you out from over 160 data brokers and people search sites.
  • Email Reports: After every opt-out cycle, the personal data removal service sends you an email summarizing your data removal journey. It tells you where your data was found and where you have been opted out.
Independent – faces no investor pressure and doesn’t have ties with data broker sites.The number of sites this data removal service covers is smaller than that of its competitors.
Most of your information is removed in under 24 hours. 
The customer service of this personal data removal service is excellent. 

Pricing: $19.99 per year, billed annually

Free Trial: None

How Do Data Brokers Collect, Distribute, and Misuse Personal Data?

Some of the key ways in which Data Brokers misuse your personal data include:

  • Data brokers collect personal data from various sources like public records, social media platforms, etc.
  • They compile it into comprehensive profiles, including personal data like demographic information, purchasing preferences, and health data. It can be disturbing to know that profiles like these can tell so much about you.
  • Then, they distribute it to clients like advertisers, insurance companies, and more. These clients then go on and use your data to send targeted ads, perform background checks, etc.
  • This can lead to potential misuse of personal data, compromising an individual’s privacy, autonomy, and security. Even though data brokers claim to adhere to privacy regulations and ethical guidelines, your sensitive data could be:
    • Exposed online, which can lead to identity theft.
    • Used to discriminate against you by giving you different prices for things you purchase often.
    • Studied to monitor your online activities, which can lead to surveillance capitalism and the violation of your privacy rights.

Choosing the Right Data Removal Service

Here are some factors that should be considered when you choose a personal data removal service

  • Ease of use of the service’s interface, interpretability of its dashboard, and the overall simplicity of the data removal process.
  • The number of data brokers and people search sites covered by the personal data removal service – the higher, the better.
  • How much data is removed – names, addresses, contact details, family members’ details, shopping history, online actions, etc.
  • The success rate of the personal data removal service.
  • The transparency of the entire data removal experience in terms of metrics presented to you in the reports.
  • The level of support offered by the data removal service’s team and its community.
  • Whether the personal data removal service actively updates itself to keep up with the changing landscape of data trading.
  • Your budget – if you spend more, you’ll get more features and you can be better assured that your data is safe.

FAQs – Data Removal Services

Who is gathering my data?

Your data is gathered by many entities. This can include data brokers, social media platforms, advertisers, healthcare providers, financial institutions, government agencies, employers, surveillance agencies, and more! 


How long does it take for a data removal service to process my removal requests?

Removal requests can take time to be processed. It depends on the service and the complexity of the request. Some services may only provide estimates of the time that it can take to remove your data, while others may offer request tracking and status updates to keep users informed about the progress of their requests in real-time.


Can I try out a personal data removal service before subscribing to it?

Some personal data removal services allow you to use their services free of charge (for example, SayMine) or offer you a free trial and money-back guarantees (like DeleteMe, Kanary, and more).


Conclusion – Data Removal Services

Privacy is every person’s right, and #digitalprivacy is quite crucial in today’s times for your safety and that of your family! Here’s a concluding table that can help you choose which personal data removal service is suitable for you!

Best forData Removal Service
Personal data removal from as many places as possibleDeleteMe
Removing personal data with no intervention from your endIncogni
Quick removal of personal data (90 days!)Kanary
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