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According to my experience in a relationship i understand something which helps me to change my life fully, my point of view too for each and everything..

I must say that don’t get emotionally connected with anyone because when they stop loving you, caring you, talking with you ;you will hurt, you will never come out of it.

Because it’s human nature and this is decided to happen.

So, never think about your fault, don’t blame yourself, never think that you have lack of qualities that is why they leave you with broken heart. No, that’s wrong. If they want to go, they will go. No matter, how long you put efforts in that relationship just to hold and if they want to stay with you. After a worst time, quarrel, fight are also not break you both. So never blame yourself because if something left on that, i know you will definitely try it. 

Remember dear, people wake up with different feeling everyday….

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