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The Truth Is Itself A Lie

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Sometimes , we accord our entire trust ,

onto some lives .

But it does not work out ,

at the time of a crise.

It makes us feel downcasted ,

up until demise .

Excessively cold , intensively dark .

But we cannot deny ,

the truth is itself a lie …

Sometimes we enhance our anxiety ,

for the past .

And despair the manoeuvre of the future ,

until the last .

Roaring and weeping , for the cause of nothing,

it is the right time , to hit the brick with a swinge.

Bidding farewell , when the time is to live ;

set up your wings to fly up high , as 

the truth is itself a lie …

Remember , the pit that we fall is the same ,

the thing is , we all just provide different names.

Don’t you lose hope , or cease to try ,

Just believe that ,

“Something ” is alone , but is still alive .

We cannot rely in, as far as ,

the truth is itself a lie … 

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