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Small Science Creative Projects—-A Joy for Students

11th March 2024 | 4 Views

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I am science #teacher in government school. I teach students coming from different varied back grounds. Some times it is #challenging to do so. Handling students problems with #creativity has become way of my life. 

I have planted three medicinal plants that is tulsi, rose plants, piperament creeper in little garden near my lab in my school. 

With my little ideas #creative  I dried rose flower leaves of my home planted  rose plants . To show #aroma of rose petals in preparation of food, I prepared kheer with rise, milk and rose petals and served my students at small get together in #new year. Students were happy to know creative idea of using #rose petals. 

I always request students to press flowers in thick blotting paper and make collage of structure of water molecule or any useful chemical with this. This unique creative #STEAM educational aid I framed it and my science students presented it for little science #museum of school. This educational aid was much appreciated by educators visiting science museum of school. 

Some time to implement my creative ideas for teaching science I helped students to make #chemical structure of #DNA with thumb nails. Same students made it very fondly. it was presented to our #science museum by my science students on #science day celebrations. 

On our #republic day celebration with my creative habit of thinking with help of my students we made #indian flag with orange peel, raw lemon peel (green)and peel of garlic(white colours). Our principal madam said “Sukarma in your leadership of #creative ideas your sincere science students always surprise whole school. We are proud of you and #your sincere students. Your science students are #inspiration for all school students. ” My science students thanked #principal madam for appreciations’. I also thanked my #principal madam and my sincere science students for helping and encouraging us in #small creative science projects. 

Sukarma Thareja


Alumnus IITK


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