When these flowers bloom

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Sri Lakshmi

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                               CHAPTER 1   

                           It was the first day of my college.  Unlike every student I stepped into the college with a lot of expectations. I came from diploma background because of which I have to sit along with the second year students. 

Fearfully i stepped into the classroom, suddenly I heard someone calling “hey! Sri ” and hugged me. I really was astonished by the way they recieved me. The tons of fear on my face had been vanished. After a few minutes the prayer had started and then after completion of prayer the classes had begun.

As I am a little bit short I had to sit in the second bench. I am quite allergic to classes as I would start to sleep even in the first period itself. So I am a little bit afraid. But the ones beside me gave the continuous support to make me not fall asleep by always communicating with me and sharing their notes etc..

During the first hour the sir had came and started to take the class,he taught the class untill the bell rang. I was asked to introduce myself in the second hour. After that during the lunch break i have started to introduce myself to my classmates in our student style😉. 

As it is COVID times all of us are wearing the face mask. I suddenly heard a voice calling from behind”hey!may I know your good name” and I was struck for a moment when I looked at his eyes. I can’t take my eyes off without looking at his eyes. Clearing myself and coming to conscious I spoke to him. 

At the end of the day, the few friends around 6 to 7 members , who has to go by bus started to walk together to the bus stop. The person whose eyes i had continuously stared at…. In the classroom also joined along with us to the bus stop.

With all the smiles and heartful voices cheering others and playing around we all had laid out steps towards the destination. That moment I really felt that these will become the greatest memories.As the quotation goes like this” memories are more important than people as people change but memories live with us forever” .I have never thought that they would be the hardest ones which brings the pain to hold on them. 

        To be continued in chapter 2………..

Sri LakshmiLast Seen: Jan 31, 2024 @ 6:16am 6JanUTC

Sri Lakshmi



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