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Way Into him : Chapter 1

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Milyin » 543516 » Way Into him : Chapter 1

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Chapter  1 

It’s been 20 years since I came into this world. Who am I ? It’s not that intresting. But before i tell you the story I think its necessary to introduce myself. My name is ann , Ann tresa. Just a nobody who wish to become something. I always wanted to do something which can make atleast some of you remember me.

4 years ago , a rainy day it was were everything started. Drenched in the rain I ran toward the bus stop. Nobody was there except a boy who was busy with his call. I felt really nervous. So many thoughts went through my head. When will the bus come? When can I reach home? Will my parents be worried? It was my first time waiting for a bus. As water drops swept through my face I looked at the boy. His face felt familiar to me but still I couldn’t remember where have I seen him. Suddenly the boy turned to me and asked ” where are you heading to ? “. Before I could answer him my bus came and I rushed to it. As i stepped into the bus I looked back at him. A strange feeling waved in my heart.

Soon I reached home. The smell of tea made me quickly fresh up and then I went to have tea. Reaching home I totally forgot about the boy and I became busy as usual preparing notes and doing my homework.

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Anna ShajiLast Seen: Jan 31, 2024 @ 11:51am 11JanUTC

Anna Shaji



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