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Milyin » 543351 » Life is ENJOYMENT not ROBOT WORK .

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At today’s date sustaining our life is unpredictable and hard . Hardships of life comes so early that at a very young age one may go to severe depression. Day by day enjoyment of life is decreasing along with the increasing pressure on our head at very young age. Also the competition to gain the position makes it difficult to get out desired destination. 


Incidents such as suicide , mentally challenged problems and even more severe self-harm is getting noticed ; forgetting a life of enjoyment and happiness away and only the thoughts of impressing others but not caring about themselves. The high expectations for the success is also one reason for today’s depression. Working like machines at office and back to back classes and coaching not gives free time to people for self care and also self study. This hectic situation is a big reason for suicide rates because after a great day of labour also in today’s world the rate of income doesn’t make way for day to day payments and demands which results the poverty and loan in many households. Hence this also results the suicide of minor age groups to the mid aged people. The little or no space for happiness is one of the reason for today’s this situation.


There is a poem to describe –

Silence is not the love
Today there is no love-dove
Now business is not success
All the feelings now gets suppress
Today's love doesn't have to impress
Love itself became the compete race.

Describing the peaceful life
Where speeches are like honey hive
Today the crimes are like show live
To become the power of worldwide

Now there is no happiness
Souls are becoming like lifeless
Wonder of world is now in sadness
No time for the thinking of happiness
Coz all minds now runs for business.
Adyagni_Durgapriya (Kabyashree K Bharadwaj)Last Seen: Apr 5, 2024 @ 3:58pm 15AprUTC

Adyagni_Durgapriya (Kabyashree K Bharadwaj)



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