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At times, he was fired to flee , 

the one who put fire in me.

The future, that I wanted to see ,

he was the one who I desired to be.

Let the sound tune up higher, 

of the person who I admire.

Who is he, 

the one who took me to

the highest of the peaks, 

and brought back from

the darkness of the seas ?

He is just me, just me, me…

When the world was killing with voices, 

he made me a glaive.

When I was left with no choices, 

he moulded me alive.

Who is he, 

the one who taught me, 

the time I felt obscured,

“Guffaw at ones you fear, 

reclaim the every single drop of your tear. 

And never let the time arise, 

when you get disappeared,

from the wall of your own fame at mere !” 

He is just me, just me, me…

So, what did make me, love myself? 

Is he a drow or just a fortunate elf ?

For whoever he is, a beast or a being,

nothing matters for me, not even a thing !

As he is me, and I am him.

Our affinity has reached the equilibrium, 

sometimes, over the brim.

For all the aid he has provided, 

I am obliged, to stay united. 

Who is he,

the one, who turned my life

to a comb of honey,

and himself as a bee!

He is just me, just me, me…

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