A Meet Of December

Divya ShreeLast Seen: Jan 24, 2024 @ 5:36pm 17JanUTC
Divya Shree

18th January 2024 | 8 Views

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Burning in the flames of tears,

My soul met the coal breeze of yours,

Feelings of calmness rushing down my body,

Chills of delectation gushing my mind.

The frozen cemetery of emotions got the warmth of the furnace brimming with passion.

A different euphoria hitted the respiring corpse of mine.

I knew, it was not attraction but, something already caught all of my attention.

I knew it was not just something but, it soon for for sure became my everything.

But unlike everytime, this time I loved it,

A splendid spontaneous craze ignited this blocked stupid heart of mine,

every beat skipped the feeling of euphoria and a new beginning,

which erased all the rough broken memories of mine.

This time this new presence brought light in my darkened days, 

And I knew this would be the last second I will be in my dark haze.

After every hectic momentum I see your face,

and get the reason to run this race.

Thank you, for being

The mysterious reason for this mesmerizing smile,

The lost yet loving piece of this empty puzzle of mine.

Maybe your first but for the rest of my life this meet will be my forever last. *«³+0∞*

Divya ShreeLast Seen: Jan 24, 2024 @ 5:36pm 17JanUTC

Divya Shree



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