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Gourav SinghLast Seen: Mar 5, 2024 @ 11:45am 11MarUTC
Gourav Singh

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Sitting by the fire

I wandered about my past

Those memories still shivers me

As I was alone and lonely


I was out on my will

Away my people who loved me

Away from family

Away from my friend and my love


I was out to earn

Losing myself in return

There was no choice

As this was my requirement


I had my will

I was loosing my friend and family

Being away form them

Was making me go farther from them


I started overthinking

Every little thing

I was on the verge of depression

Becoming a reason for my extinction


With all the dark in within

I had noting left to see

Suddenly a ray of hope

Lighted my path


This was the dream

I was once chasing

With nothing more to loose

I went after it like a moose


The dream didn’t came alone

I became closer to my family

My friend were back in life

And my love was still by my side


The fear of loosing everyone

The fear of being left alone

Was ruining everything

Until I chased my dream


At present I have everyone

Holding hand together

Living like the dream family

And the phobia is out of the picture

Gourav SinghLast Seen: Mar 5, 2024 @ 11:45am 11MarUTC

Gourav Singh



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