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Oh Wonder ! I Wonder…

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Oh! Wonder, I wonder…

How could the kite possibly fly ?

With pride and a sight of sore eyes.

Without any hopes of a bridle,

and a tail nearby ?

Oh! Wonder, I wonder…

How could the fisch possibly swim

Or even take-in the O2, underwater rim ?

In absence of it’s flipper or the only gills,

could it make it to it’s destiny,

just by taking some supplementary pills ?

Oh! Wonder, I wonder…

Could the rivulet ever be able to reach it’s objective ?

If there exist any cheerful breeze passing by, inactive.

Or could the magnificent boulders ever be able to stand determined,

If there wasn’t any brace of the Mother Earth herself, with her der mund.

Just as the wonders of

the Evergreen themselves, are 

quite reliable on each other to achieve excellence,

We, on the other side, are just an element,

then why that pride and prejudice ? 

Why letting oneself towards divergence ?

When a dawdler is meaningless without it’s shell,

What if we shower gratitude towards those pure souls, 

who lifted us towards heaven, 

when the head was in the clouds, and 

fended off with their mushy support,

at the time of our fall and blunder.

Oh! Wonder, I wonder…

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