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People’s insight worry about,

the bread-and-butter needs of their heir,

Well, I! I fret about the lives of the people out there.

Coming out as a super hero, I reside as an ordinary personality from within,

With a worn veiled attire, pale and thin.

You may think but it isn’t true, 

that I might have been the roaring thunder just after the bolt from the blue.

But I was born with flaws and fears,

which indeed, turned me out, into a warrior…

They said, “You require courage to fight”, 

which unfortunately, I lacked in the most,

Was bullied by my fellow mates, at all possible ways one might,

I looked upon them as a haunting ghost.

Then what made me become, I always dreamt of,

What made me turn away, from all the ones I loved.

Truly it should be the grit I carried along with me,

which grew year after year,

which indeed turned me out, into a warrior…

Now I look upon myself as a living weapon,

To seek dominance of the good over the evil.

I preserve my responsibility for

the rise of the new era,

with all my solidity and will.

However, it took some valuable jewels of my life, 

which I could never hope to retain,

Urging me to start from where it all began, incurred great loss and pain.

Standing in front of my beloved folk, as the knight in shining armour and as the eternal sword carrier,

I was, am and shall always live as a warrior…


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