Sunlit Symphony

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Wes Baltzell

11th January 2024 | 6 Views
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In the realm where dawn shares a tender kiss,

Hope whispers, a lullaby of bliss.

Threads of life weave a vibrant array,

A canvas of joy, painted in the day.

Beneath the willow’s noonday waltz,

Dreams sway to a tranquil pulse.

Laughter, a brook’s sweet refrain,

Nature’s humor, a sunlit domain.

As twilight unfurls its velvet cape,

Stars engage in cosmic gossip, no escape.

Moonbeams, a lover’s soft caress,

Night’s embrace, a sweet duet, no less.

Yet, in this symphony, a whimsical note,

A hiccup in time, a curious anecdote.

Life’s melody, a playful blend,

Surprises at every twist, no end.

Oh, the dance with uncertainty, absurd,

A cha-cha with the unknown, undisturbed.

Irregular rhythms, a cosmic jest,

Life’s grand jesters, we’re all guests.

So, waltz through this cosmic masquerade,

Where each step’s a serenade.

In the grand ballroom of existence, find,

A melody unique, hearts entwined. 


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