My Favorite Coffee Girl


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Disclaimer from Creator: I am writing this cute romance for a wide audience which is why there are no trigger warnings. I would like my readers to enjoy reading this as much as I am enjoying making it! HAVE FUN GUYS!!

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Cal and Sonia were not meant to meet. But that’s not the twist of this story!
21 years old Sonia, is currently studying in Switzerland for her Finance degree and working part-time in the cafe near her residence. As an immigrant student Sonia only wants to focus on finishing her degree and getting the hell back to India. There’s only so long one can stay away from their family. But the people she meets and the events she experiences might hold her back. Will she find a home in a foreign country? 

Cal. Working in an independent firm in Switzerland for six years and has been living a monotonous life. He wants nothing but to continue living the way he does, but life cannot be planned. And he is going to learn this lesson soon. But for someone who has been functioning just fine being all alone, will he be able to let go when the time really comes? 

Diya SharmaLast Seen: Jan 17, 2024 @ 5:49am 5JanUTC

Diya Sharma



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