Are You Over Competitive?


3rd July 2024 | 4 Views | 0 Likes

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I had a friend Asha in #school.She was a good teacher  but  was never #contented with what ever she had in life. 

 Her husband Mr. Goyal was a successful businessman, and abundance money and wealth surrounded her.Asha lacked peace, not money.

I was  #astounded by the way Asha spent money in the #market. She was a copy cat.She would buy things that her #relatives had, #purchased costly dresses she saw her college friend wearing on #Facebook. She had no idea  whether those dresses suited her or not. She #desired the same style crockery in her kitchen . She already had plenty at #home.

She bought all the stuff #without thinking. 

She invited me to her house I saw overflowing #cupboards filled with beautiful yet seemingly #useless things. 

She will say ” madam  my day starts #accumulating things here and there in house and ends arranging them in cupboards. “

She could never look at #horizons beyond her material acquisitions attitude. She  never believed in experience and sense of satisfaction and peace. She was restless all the time. Disturbed and anxious too.

I requested her  not to be so materialistic. I suggested her to spend time and money on her health programs. I also suggested her to be out going and get involved in well fare of #orphan children. 

I am so happy she agreed to my #suggestions. Now madam Asha is very popular and #respected teacher of our school. She is ready to render helping #hands to needy. Asha is changed #person. I am so happy that she has learnt to spend her resources and energy in #positive way. She is calm and composed person now. 

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