Wherever I Go, I Get My Answers…

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Deep within my heart, keeping a pile of queries,

as I walked through the deserted path of life,

questioning to myself, I asked,

 “How can I possibly enrich, enlighten and,

encounter the various aspects, as I endeavour and strive?”

A reply showered all of a sudden, from an obsolete, gigantic ‘The Great Banyan’, 

” Oh dear! My dear, just think for once,

the answer you seek, lies within you, my son…”

Thanking my old friend, with a sense of gratitude and a bit of curiosity,

I led my trails, and made them follow me, as 

I followed the path of light and generosity.

Moving on, as I walked through the dancing bridge, 

Strolling over the infinite blue, 

Wondering all by myself, I asked, ” How sturdy and determined can I turn into, from outside as also from within ?”

A lively tone from the resolute rock, responded with a facile flow, 

” Ahoy Matey! You seek something that never did exist around, 

but the only place you are familiar with, where the answer could be found. “

Leaving myself to think, I bid farewell with a hope to perceive the answers, I always looked for.

As I made my way ahead, through the dense evergreen, 

where there were only vines and trees, spread all over and could be possibly seen.

With a hope I continued and questioned myself again, 

” How can I possibly fly and make it to the sky or beyond, 

with my soul floating in the air and my body feeling the ground? “

Answered a sweet little bird with a humming voice, 

spreading the wings of beauty and showering the glitters of joy,

” I can fly, because I believe so, 

you can fly higher too, 

if you let your will grow! “

Speechless for a moment, I granted my little companion, the vote of thanks,

and stepped forward, seeking a new answer 

for my new question, until I met a wise old man.

I haulted for a moment, greeted the wise sage, 

and narrated the entire storyline I went through.

Without any sense of surprise, the wise old man

gave a calm smile, the smile that revealed the significance of the answers I received.

Adding on , with a subtle tone he replied,

” Oh ! My child, you have recieved the light to your darkness, and

the sacred lotus from the muddy mess.

The answers to your questions, remained concealed in the Alchemy of Mother Nature,

where your part was to acknowledge them and nurture.”

I started getting myself in the right path now, 

and giving it a thought again and again, I did realise, that never was I an unfortunate creation, but a chancer, for 

wherever I go, I get my answers…

Sudarshan Kumaresan



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