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Fight For Flight

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What was my fault, that made me and my kind 
disappear once for all ?
I was just a mere existence of the Mother of all, with a big-hearted soul,
despite the fact that I appeared to be very small.
Being the most knowledgeable being on Earth, they failed to get a fix on the right,
but neither would I give up on my kind, 
leaving me behind with no other option but to 
Fight for Flight.
I still remember those days hanging out on the roof, playing with my bosom friends
in the beautiful rise of the sun,
but now, now it was all over, everything, 
even their sweetest smile was forever gone. 
They scattered like
the two similar poles of a magnet,
and never returned back
within the range of my sight,
for those intelligent beings, 
it is just a life of a wing but for me 
it is my Fight for Flight.
Yes, I am a little Sparrow, feeble by structure
but generous by nature,
I am devoted to the one who gave me this precious life, and my beloved entities I nurture.
The chirp that once was heard
and adored by all,
has now been blown away by the wind, 
with the rise of the network towers,
and our downfall.
With the wings of freedom, we flew high at first,
higher than the kites,
but now, with our wings of viability, we persist, 
and fly over the blues, 
to Fight for Flight.
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