Hearts In Rhythm

Dance of Life

9th January 2024 | 4 Views

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In a tranquil corner where musings meet,

Life unfolds, a vivid, pulsating feat.

Hearts in a rhythmic, lively trance,

A spirit dance beneath the sun’s advance.

Dreams whisper softly, a gentle breeze,

Waltzing with reality, the soul at ease.

Laughter, a waltz in the twilight air,

Life’s dance, beyond compare.

A twist of fate, a spirited spin,

The ballroom of existence we enter in.

Steps of joy, a jig of pure emotion,

Hearts in perpetual, life-infused potion.

Oh, moments cha-cha in a divine flow,

A salsa of memories, vintage and aglow.

Love’s rhythm, a melody so strong,

A symphony of souls, dancing along.

Yet, the foxtrot of challenges does appear,

A quickstep of resilience, holding dear.

Floor’s grain with irregularities to find,

In stumbles, growth of the grandest kind.

So, let’s waltz through days, my friend,

In this grand ballroom where stories blend.

Hearts in motion, a cosmic ballet,

An ever-changing, soulful display.

Wes Baltzell



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