Blue Eyes A Mystic Dance

Blue Oceans of Expression

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Wes Baltzell

9th January 2024 | 6 Views

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Where colors blend in a celestial trance,

Blue eyes, a universe, a mystic dance.

Beyond mere hues, stories unfurl,

In the depths of your azure swirl.

Lines of laughter, a playful jest,

A whimsy waltz, summer’s zest.

Shades diverse, a vibrant sea,

Reflecting joy, wild and free.

Under the arch of azure skies,

Emotions cascade in your eyes.

Humor bursts, a twinkling gleam,

A language in each radiant beam.

Yet, in the depths, an ocean calm,

Soulful notions, a soothing balm.

A quiet gaze, a subtle sigh,

The yearning in your shy blue eye.

Perplexity bursts, a quizzical stare,

Questions brave, eyes declare.

In the canvas of feelings, vivid blend,

Blue eyes, a journey without end.

Here’s to eyes that eloquently speak,

Their language, a touch unique.

Relax, engage in this poetic tide,

In the wonderland of your blue-eyed guide.

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