An Unemployed Man’s Life In Our Society


16th October 2023 | 34 Views

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Did you ever saw a pond without water ? An unemployed mans life is like that And This Is The Main Problem Of Our Young Generations.

          All Knew That An Unemployed Person Just Looks Like An Useless Person In The Eye Of Our Society. So What Will He/She Do ? Everybody Will Hate Him/Her. So What A Unemployed Person Will Do? First Thing Is The Family Don’t Support Them. Second Thing Is, Our Society Laughs At Them. The Truth Is, If You Have No Money, You Can’t Get Honey. So You Are Useless. Because Nobody Has Any Profit From You.

          Then Comes The Love Life Of Them. Their Love Partners Also Leave Them. Which Broke Them Mentally. Then They Think What They Will Do ? What Is The Reason Behind Their Life. For Whom They Will Live. Why They Had Born In The World If They Can’t Get Any Job. This Types Of Thoughts Come To Their Mind. And Then Comes To Their Family Who Will Say That You Are Getting Older Day By Day And If You Can’t Get Any Job Then Who Will Marry You ? Your Friends Are Well Settled And Married, But You Have No Job. Everyone Has A Life, Do Not Spoil Their Life By Giving Some Bad Statement For Which He/She Will Feel Sad. We Can’t Make Fun Of Anybody In Their Problems.

           So The Main Role Of The Family Comes First. If The Family Does Not Support Them, Then Where Should They Go ? Some Of Them Struggles Hard And Get Success Later, But Some Decides To Quit Their Life By Thinking What People Will Say If I Don’t Get A Job. So Our Society & Mainly The Family Is The Reason Behind Someone’s Life or Death. If You Encourage Them They Will Also Achieve Their Success. Society Will Have To Know That If We Can’t Encourage Any Person, Then We Have Not Any Rights To Discourage.

         Our Society Has To know A Simple Thing That Success Is Not Same For All. Some People Got Their Success In Their Young Age & Some Got Their Success In Late. Everyone Will Success If He/She Will Get Some Motivation & Encourage From Our Society. Family & Society Has A Big Role In Every Person’s Life. So Be A Social Person, Don’t Behave Like An Unsocial Person To An Unemployed Person For Which He/She Had To Take Any Wrong Decision.

          Our Society Is Not Bad But The Mindset Of Our Society Is Bad Which We Have To Tolerate For Some Time. Don’t Get Upset. Then The Success Will Come. Because Victory Will Come After Defeat. We Should Keep In Mind That Every Successful Person Had Also Defeated Many Times. So We Have To Be Strong & Work Hard For The Success. At Last, We Have To Keep In Mind That Only The Successful Person Doesn’t Live A Happy Life, But The Happiest Person Lives A Successful Life. If You Have A Smile On Your face, Then The Whole World Is In Your Hand.





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