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August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech. A quater a million people came to listen it. No invitations were sent, just a announcement about speech and platform for speaking. All it took to get this many people listen to him was his vision, and his thoughts that inspired people. images-01 People admire great thought process, and they follow those people to listen to them and learn more. Each Heart has it’s own beat and each beat has its capability to inspire generations generation in way Martin Luther King did. Lets share with people our vision, our thought process. We here at Milyin want many more Martin Luther King’s to come, and present there views, there opinions, there thought processess, there believes, there passion. Lets create a great platform where people inspire many more people. Lets insure no great thought, believe, opinion in any field may be left unheard. We want to build a platform to insure these opinions reach masses. We would do that by taking leverage of Internet. At our platform we would make a open system to share what’s in your mind. Ensuring your voice reaches readers from all parts of world. What’s even great is it monetized your opinions not only make you earn great respect but also money, but also income which you earn from promotions and advertisments. Join us simply mail your email id to and that’s it. A sign up page is also being designed and would be available really soon, for convenieant signing up. join the movement. Lets insure that from now: internet is a platform to inspire people.

‘Internet Won’t Be Just Internet Anymore’


It's The Passion That Matters
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