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A sudden impulse ran all through my body,         “You have big dreams“, my mind exclaimed me!                                                                                        ” So what have to thought to bring em’ in reality?”                                                                               Now my tongue got dumbstruck and couldn’t answer the question asked to me. 

Now the kingdom I built in mind started to disappear,                                                                         I grew a bit anxious and began to fear.   

Then came a voice from my hands-                       ” Where will you put us in use ?                                  Hope we won’t be forced to be misused. ”            Then asked my feet excitingly –                               “Where’s our destination that we will help you to go”?                                                                            Will we treck a mount or relax on a sea shore? “

These growing question made me terrified.         And that’s when I realized,                                           when the world was strengthening, I kept being zoned out in my imaginative unrealistic world at a side. 

Now scolded my heat, “start living in your conscience. ”                                                                      Stop dreaming and start doing cause time is really precious. 

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