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Do You Know Yourself ?

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Who Am I ?

Did you ever asked this question to yourself. I will strongly say no. But why you had not asked this question to yourself . Because you are not living your life. You are looking at other’s lifestyle. And at that time you had not remained you.

 But why we want to live the lifestyle of others if we have our self lifestyle and our sources to live in the world. There is a very intresting story behind this.  And the story began from our childhood. I remembered that time when our parents told us to study well like him/her. From that time we had started to study like others and not only study we are copying all things in our life also. If we have our own life then why we want to live our life like others. Our life and our talent is the God’s gift. So we don’t have to copy other’s and we have to set our own goal in the field which we are strong. Then our passion became a good proffession and that is the true success of a person. After that you don’t need to ask yourself who am I, People will search about you.

                                                          “IF PASSION WILL BECOME PROFFESSION THEN PROGRESSION CAN’T BE STOPPED”

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