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‘Dreams in the Twilight: A Poetic Journey through Nature’s Symphony’


6th January 2024 | 5 Views

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Images (41)Dusk’s soothing, golden glow,A blue-toned canvas was painted.A

 cosmic dance unravels as stars emerge.

A tale of destiny’s progress, murmured in hushed tones.

The silver thread of moonlight intertwines.

As slumber beckons, dreams find their resting place.

A mystical tale unravels with the unfolding of the night.

Revealing boundless realms of glory.

Amidst the whispering winds and rustling trees,

A timeless melody is hummed by nature.

An untold symphony of life.

A story’s grasp is present in each leaf.

“Swift and rare moments, fleeting oh so quickly,”

If you are brave enough, accept the beauty.

Echoes ring with each heartbeat that passes.

An everlasting tribute to an immortal season.

Dance alongside shadows, chuckle with flowing streams.

Discover dreams in the woven fabric of night.

Poetry is present in every element.

The soul and heart engaging in a harmonious dance.

Kamal Suthar



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