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How to be a better you

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Your a god’s creation
You are God child
God created you wonderfully 

Try to resolve everything and don’t have a frustrations
Because you are created with god’s image
No matter what obstacles or distraction come on your way
Because you are already in God image
God is love

God is powerful to protect you from all the dangers

Don’t regret for anything
Learn lessons in your 

Love yourself
Do not underestimate anything
Love God
Times may be you yourself won’t support you
But god is there with us
He will protect us
What is more big and mightyful than God

If you trust and be like I won’t care anything because God is with me

Be brave courageous and confident

You will start becoming confident
When you love yourself
And not care anything
God is the pure love
Love God
And love yourself
Love others 

Because you are meant to joyful happy and peaceful no matter whatever you got frustrated
But trust god you will become better
Love god
Joyful and a happy fellow

Some advices

Be happy and peaceful and joyful
Enjoy and find joy and peace in little things
Love yourself treat yourself like you treat others
Make time for cure
Do not make decisions without approaching people who are well educated
Do not regret after you done
Make sure you are pure and do not make yourself to be do any unwanted things
Love god
What would be advice when you see someone like you
Correct your habits
Do not trust anyone more than God
Because Gods love is truthful
He will be with us
He knows us better than we know 
Be happy
Be brave
Be careful to yourself and your things
Don’t be careless

ArthiLast Seen: Jan 5, 2024 @ 8:23pm 20JanUTC




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