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Ah! It's a gloomy night,
Drizzling heavily,from up above
With deafening thunders all around
That made me feel so tight..

I waited for my friend ;
To glow up by spraying her white light,
Beyond the blurry overcast ;
Anxiously looking for her to lighten the lifeless night.

Ages passed, by admiring her charm
Ransacked every inch of my heart,
Looking for words to elucidate
How tender-hearted she is, I wondered .

I stared at her playing hide and seek;
On her vast arena ever,
Which is bestowed to her by someone
At the time when I was never born !

Sudden silence after the heavy downpour,
Slammed my bubbling mind ;
To rose up and ponder about her absence
Even after the arrival of this peaceful night .

Revealing herself after a while
She glinted at me from above with a smile;
With her adorable gleaming little friends,
And continued her natural play like all days.

The moment turned euphoric for me ;
As she gifted me contentment like always,
By showering ,
Her silvery moonlight on me that night !


Anjanaa Nair



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