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Do you Believe in Expensive Gift

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Sukarma Thareja

10th March 2024 | 4 Views
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I am science teacher in government era of science and technology every event, #ocassion big Or small is associated giving #material present or receiving material presents. No doubt both activity of giving or receiving present give very #unique good will. 

Actually give and take of present is symbol of love #associated with person

Costly present

  I am not against costly  presents.My personal observation is that if one believes in giving #costly presents then fun of occasion does not remain to same level.Some people always expect #costly presents,which may not be possible #every time. I feel then this activity sometimes get converted to #commercial activity of giving taking. Then meaning of present get lost some where.Sometimes #good will is also lost. 

Format to make good will

I strongly believe that #giving one’s time to help some one is best present one can give. I also strongly believe that if one happens to give material present it can be #generated some time Or other but #time given to some one can not be generated . 

I also strongly believe that if someone has travelled all way to wish me well, certainly he/she has spent energy and time, I must respect him/her.Its ok if she/he has not brought material present for me.But unfortunately many people do mot understand this precious #philosophy.

I have also observed that many people avoid meeting their #loved ones in person as they are not in position to give material present which they once upon a time have #happen to receive from same. 

Some person believe in giving #cash instead of material present.Philosophy behind this is that one can buy anything from that #money which one think one is in need of. 

Most costly #present according to me is that when one happen to help other at #difficult time. 

Moral -presents given in form of #material Or cash is symbol of one’s love Or #respect for other. Best is that one should avoid finding out gift value in terms of #cash. Doing this sometimes creat difficult and #hard feelings for each other.Best is never ever get into this type of circle of #transaction.


Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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