Keeps me alive

3rd January 2024 | 2 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: If you want to thank someone who had always helped you in hard times when you are barely surviving, than this is what you want to say.

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Pockets are empty hearts are full,

days are ugly yet life is still beautifull,

Wishes to die , still a living desire 

Nights are cold but heart is on fire,

emotions are killing , yet i survive,

You are the one my dear, who keeps me alive…

Walking alone on desserted road,

Little tired of carring this  load,

Too heavy, sometimes too deep,

The inner me has fallen asleep

Far away the sun shines so bright

Feels like you are holding me tight

I am falling into abyss, still I thrive.

You are the one my dear whou keeps me alive


Pallavi Mittal



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