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Life and Teachings of Rāmānuja Ācārya – 2

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SriMathe Ramanujaya Namaha

Meeting of Ilaya Perumal with Kanchipurna

As Ilaya Perumal, also known as Rāmānuja, grew older, his exceptional intellect began to shine through. Even as a student, he possessed an extraordinary ability to retain information after hearing it just once. The teachers at his school held great affection for him, not only because of his academic brilliance but also due to his kind and courteous nature.

During that time, there was a renowned devotee of the Lord named Kānchīpurna, residing in the nearby city of Kānchīpuram. Known as Thirukachchi Nambigal, he was a disciple of Yamunacharya. Despite being born into a śūdra family, his unwavering devotion to the Lord was so evident that even the strictest brāhmaṇas held him in high regard.

One evening, as Rāmānuja was returning home from school, he came face to face with Kānchīpurna and was immediately captivated by the saintly demeanor of this holy man.

With utmost humility, Rāmānuja extended an invitation to Kānchīpurna to visit his house for a meal, and the great devotee gladly accepted, being deeply drawn to the gentle nature of this brāhmaṇa boy.

After Kānchīpurna had finished his meal, Rāmānuja humbly began to massage his feet. However, Kānchīpurna objected, stating, “I am nothing more than a low-born sudra and therefore your servant. It is not appropriate for a brāhmaṇa like you to treat me in this manner.”

In response, Rāmānuja expressed his belief that if his status as a brāhmaṇa prevented him from offering reverence to a noble soul like Kānchīpurna, then he considered his birth to be extremely unfortunate. He questioned whether the mere act of wearing a cheap thread was sufficient to define one as a brāhmaṇa. Rāmānuja asserted that a true brāhmaṇa is someone who wholeheartedly dedicates themselves to Lord Viṣṇu, and no one else can rightfully claim this title.

Kānchīpurna was filled with wonder and delight upon hearing the unwavering faith in devotional service expressed by the young Rāmānuja. They spent the entire night engaged in profound discussions about the Lord and the various aspects of devotion. From that day onward, their mutual love for each other bound these two exceptional devotees together.

Satya SLast Seen: Feb 3, 2024 @ 1:06pm 13FebUTC

Satya S



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