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Life and Teachings of Rāmānuja Ācārya – 1

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SriMathe Ramanujaya Namaha

Birth of Ilaya Perumal

Yamunacharya, a prominent spiritual leader, had a devoted disciple named Periya Thiru malai Nambi, also known as Śrī Sailapurna. Among his family members, he had two sisters, Kantimati and Diptimati, with Kantimati being the elder and Diptimati being the younger.

Kantimati was married to a highly virtuous brāhmaṇa named Asuri Kesavacharya, who was renowned for his expertise in performing all five types of fire sacrifices. Due to his exceptional skills, he was also known as Sarvakratu. Despite living happily in the village of Bhutapuri, the couple faced distress as they were unable to conceive a child.

To seek the blessings of the Lord and request the gift of a son, Kesavacharya decided to perform a fire sacrifice. Together with his wife, he embarked on a journey to the temple of Śrī Partha-sarathi, situated on the shores of the ocean in what is now known as the city of Madras. There, they performed various sacrifices, fervently praying for the Lord’s mercy and the fulfillment of their desire for a child. Their sincere prayers pleased Lord Viṣhṇu, and approximately one year later, Kantimati gave birth to a baby boy who possessed all the auspicious signs on his body. This significant event took place in the year AD 1017. This child would later become renowned worldwide as Śrī Rāmānujācārya, a great devotee of Lord Nārāyaṇa. Around the same time, Diptimati, Kantimati’s younger sister, also gave birth to a son. Upon hearing the news of the births of his two nephews, Sri Saila-purna, the close disciple of Yamunacharya, visited them. He was amazed by the presence of auspicious marks on Kantimati’s son. Just as Sage Vasishta, upon witnessing the radiance on the face of a child, named him Lakshmana, stating “Lakshmano Lakshmi Sampannaha,” Śrī Sailapurna, captivated by the brilliance of the child, named him Ilaya Perumal, also known as Ilayalwar, after Lakshmana. To Diptimati’s son, he bestowed the name Govinda.

According to the available records, Ilaya Perumal’s birth particulars indicate that he was born in the year Pingala, during the month of Chitrai. The specific celestial configuration at the time of his birth consisted of the Tiruvadirai (Arudra nakshatra) constellation and the zodiac sign Karkataka. Moreover, his birth occurred on a Sukla Paksha Panchami, which coincided with a Friday, precisely at noon. Additional information reveals that the Yogam associated with his birth was Ayushman, the Karanam was Bhadra, the Gotra was Harita, the Saakha was Yajus, and the Sutra was Apasthambha.

Birth Place


Mandap where Sripad Ramanujacarya appeared

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