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Ali AssadLast Seen: Apr 15, 2024 @ 12:04pm 12AprUTC
Ali Assad

2nd January 2024 | 2 Views

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The spirit seeks to complete its journey to the underworld, but first it must find enough nourishment, the ancient accursed spirit will seek out a host to devour….

First things first, the host at first will be unaffected, then suddenly begin the blackouts, and the muscle fatigue, to consume the soul of the host must be really uncomfortable for the host.

But i did not ask for any of this nor have i at this time selected my host, to be sealed into what reminds me of a past i have never experienced other than in dreams, an illusion with never ending option, a trap, well no matter, i would easily find symbiotic existence with the host, other than the fact that it is volatile, and it seems to be against me…

What to do i overtake the host in my own actions, i become, i choose i control, it is not a game, not anymore, or i cannot complete my journey to the other world as unpleasant that may sound, i feel i have been bound to this life, to suffer, to die at the enemy’s hands.

To no avail, i fear not, yet i cast all doubt in regarding this option, death this time, was not as pleasant as before, seeing my end nearing every breath is not all that nice either, so what to do….

I must overcome this obstacle….

I being with the knowledge, that the mind is of essence, and that being is of importance, so ego is what i target, it begins a whirlpool of thought into the mind, a silent whisper, a threat, i will not go down easily…

Who am I, I am the passing of the worlds hatred of my kind, i am the eventual of all that suffering, it is inevitable that i regain control, and find a way into life itself… nothing more nothing less…

Speak whispers of ego, and find them ordained against you, there is nothing that the world cannot do, there is nothing which i do not fear, and that’s what gives me courage,… lest all be done with

Ali AssadLast Seen: Apr 15, 2024 @ 12:04pm 12AprUTC

Ali Assad



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